Volunteer Spotlight, November 2019 - Melody Peppers

Melody has been volunteering at the front desk on Wednesday mornings since July, and she has been an amazing addition to our volunteer team. She always comes with a great attitude and a willingness to learn. She is a joy to work with and is always ready to do whatever task may be at hand that day. You will typically find her working on data entry, answering the phone, welcoming visitors, and even helping with the occasional snake care! With a background in baking, Melody has delighted the Debs Park team with her delicious baked goods. She has even made jam with the grapes from our California Wild Grape vines! Her favorite part about volunteering at the Center is ”being part of community-minded organization that makes nature easily accessible to all.” She has also really enjoyed learning about the world of birds, and appreciates how mucthis learning process has opened her eyes to things she may have previously overlooked. We are so grateful for her constant positivity, her dedication, and her continued support of the Center. Next time you’re around the Center on a Wednesday morning, stop by the front office to say hello!  

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