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Get Involved

Volunteer with us

The most generous gift to the Audubon Center at Debs Park is your time. Whether you plan to volunteer every week, or bring a group for a day of service, your help is greatly appreciated. We offer many opportunities for volunteers interested in bringing the community together to appreciate, enjoy, and protect birds and nature.

Our Volunteer Service Days are Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 am-12 noon. Join us in our native plant nursery where we propagate plants and care for restoration sites around the center. Learn about native plants and local bird species as you restore important native habitat within more than 17 acres around the center. We need you, but more importantly, our neighBIRDS need you! 

Bring lots of water, sun protection, and clothes you don't mind getting dirty! Please fill out the downloadable waiver below and bring it with you to your first day.

Audubon Center at Debs Park Volunteer Positions

Administrative Assistant

When guests first arrive at the Audubon Center, the administrative assistant is often the first person they meet. Whether sitting at the front desk or engaging guests in the courtyard, the administrative assistant must be comfortable speaking about the center, the Audubon Society, Debs Park, and local wildlife. They will be an information source about the Center and Debs Park, help set up for special events, answer phone calls, and rent equipment to guests.

Community Naturalist

The Audubon Center was designed to be a premier environmental education center for the neighborhoods of Northeast LA. Community Naturalists utilize all the educational resources available at the center (including but not limited to: Discovery Room, Children's Woodland, hiking trails, Los Nogales nursery, and the snakes) to provide programming to school groups, families, and other guests. They may also help provide interpretation during our weekly bird and native plant walks. Community Naturalists preferably have a background in education or natural science, but training in interpretation and natural history will be provided.

Facilities Worker

The facilities worker puts in the hard work to keep the center looking beautiful. Tasks include trash cleanup from the parking lot, courtyard, Children's Woodland, and walking paths, graffiti removal, pruning landscaped areas around the center, sweeping pavers, cleaning the ponds, and refilling hummingbird feeders. The groundskeeper will also assist with construction/installation projects within the courtyard and Children's Woodland.

Outreach Ambassador

We are constantly looking to grow our volunteer program and increase awareness about the center within the Northeast LA community. The outreach ambassador will represent the Audubon Center at off-site locations such as schools or farmers' markets. They must be comfortable talking about events and ongoing programs at the center, effectively communicate the mission and culture of the center, and encourage potential guests and volunteers to come visit. The ambassador will continue to explore new and different methods to attract the community to the Audubon Center.

Nursery Gardener

National Audubon set a goal of growing one million native plants by 2020 to create more bird-friendly communities. In line with this mission, the Audubon Center at Debs Park and Santa Monica Mountain National Recreation Area partnered to run Los Nogales Native Nursery. Nursery gardeners will assist with watering, sterilizing pots, collecting, cleaning and sowing seed, and propagation. Nursery gardeners will receive training in soil mixing, seed collection and processing, propagation, watering, and plant identification.

Restoration Steward

As is common with urban parks, Debs Park is subject to frequent disturbances, and thus vulnerable to degradation by undesirable (usually invasive) species. The restoration stewards monitor the status of existing restoration sites and prioritize work that needs to be done on each (watering, weeding, mulching, berm repair). Furthermore, stewards help prepare future restoration sites by using weed management practices appropriate to the site and weed species, laying jute netting (if needed), mulching, and subsequently assist (or lead, after completing training) with volunteer outplanting events.

Visit our event page for more volunteer opportunities and programs!

For volunteer inquiries, contact:

Lauren Hill

Volunteer Coordinator


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