Volunteer Spotlight, March 2020 - Biljana Milasin

Biljana Milasin has been volunteering at the Center for over a year, supporting with Nature Arts & Crafts programming and leading additional activities aimed at connecting the community to nature through art. Biljana is passionate about experiential learning in nature and is committed to fostering a deeply rooted connection between youth and the Earth, starting from a young age. She is the Founder and Director of Nature School LA, whose mission is to provide a loving and experiential outdoor environment in which children can be themselves fully and freely. She is a strong believer in the mindset that nature is not a destination, but something we are intrinsically a part of. Biljana’s favorite thing about volunteering at the Center is exposing children to nature through crafts, and she has a deep appreciation for the space and the staff leading the programming. We are honored and grateful to have Biljana as a part of our volunteer team, and are inspired by the vibrant passion with which she approaches her work and everyday life.

Stay tuned for more Nature Arts & Crafts events coming up every other Saturday in April!

CLICK HERE For more information on Nature School LA and the awesome curriculum that they offer (a lot of which takes place at Debs Park)!

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