Volunteer Spotlight, August 2019 - the Mighty Monday Watering Team

Few people have contributed as much to the Audubon Center at Debs Park over the past few years as The Mighty Monday Watering Team – Keiko, Olga, Marshall, and Mary. If you have volunteered here at the Center and/or spent any time in the Los Nogales Nursery, you will have likely have met and worked with one or more of these incredible individuals. These four have been the core members of the squad, making sure the nursery plants get the water they need, that they are “bumped up” in a timely manner, and that there are always clean cones and pots, for over two years. In addition to maintaining the nursery, they have engaged with countless volunteers and oftentimes will step into a leadership role and guide others through the process.

Each of them have also stepped up even further, beyond the nursery – Marshall refills the hummingbird feeders and he and Olga have participated in bird banding and surveying work, Mary washes all of the volunteer gloves at home so that we have clean ones to use for each event, and Keiko has helped lead arts & crafts activities, participated in education and community outreach events, and deserves a special shoutout for her role as coordinator of the Watering Team. These four truly exemplify the spirit of volunteerism, and we are endlessly grateful for their time, energy, and dedication. Not only that, they are extraordinary people who have taught our team so much, and we are lucky to consider them our friends. We could not do it without y’all! Next time you see Keiko, Olga, Marshall, or Mary around the Center, please thank them for everything that they do.  

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