Spring Migrant Highlight - Lazuli Bunting

Photo: Russell Campbell

One of our favorite spring migrants, Lazuli Buntings are a small, finch-like bird that can be found here in Debs Park and around Los Angeles in the spring and summer months. The males are a striking blue with a rusty orange chest while the females are a light greyish-brown. Lazuli Buntings typically enjoy brushy and wooded areas on hillsides or near streams, where they can be found perched and singing on exposed branches or hopping among the foliage - although if you're lucky, you may catch one at a backyard feeder as well! 

During breeding season - Lazuli Bunting males are often found singing and defending their territory. Each bird will create a unique song to distinguish themselves and their territory. Listen to some of their calls & songs HERE!

If you keep your eyes and ears open, you may be able to find a Lazuli Bunting up by Peanut Lake! If you're not feeling confident enough to go out on your own yet, join us for a Community Bird Walk on Saturday, May 21st which will be led by expert SoCal birder, Dan Cooper! 

Photo: Russell Campbell

Photos taken by Russell Campbell in Debs Park

Instagram: russell_campbell_wildlife 

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