Southeast Asian Community Alliance (SEACA)

About the Organization: SEACA’s mission is to build power among Southeast Asian youth and their communities in Los Angeles for a more just and equitable society through intergenerational, multiethnic dialogue, leadership development, and community organizing. The organization was started in 2002 due to a lack of resources targeting the needs of Southeast Asians. SEACA creates spaces for new forms of leadership to emerge and they support the development of members of their community to create new and culturally relevant solutions to deep-rooted social, economic, and racial justice issues impacting the Southeast Asian community. Visit their website for more info!

Our Partnership: We have been working together with SEACA, as well as Public Counsel and Team Friday, to produce an Anti-Displacement Toolkit aimed at providing tools and resources for local decision makers to avoid displacing existing communities through the development of green infrastructure. SEACA brings extensive expertise to the table in regards to housing and displacement issues, as well as community engagement and organizing. They have helped to build a holistic guide that speaks to the multitude of ways in which our most vulnerable communities are often left out, and deeply affected by, traditional urban planning processes.

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