Plant of the Month, October 2018: California Coffeeberry

California Coffeeberry
Frangula californica

California Coffeeberry is a plant we grow in our Los Nogales Native Plant Nursery. The plant is prized more for its fruit, a berry 10-15 millimeters in diameter, which turn red, then purple and finally black over the summer. It is valued by birds. This plant is beautiful and easy to grow. It tolerates a wide variety of soil types, and likes either full sun or part shade. It is moderately garden tolerant, and is OK with light summer water up to 2x per month. Coffeeberry has a dense form and is easy to prune. It makes a great and fire resistant hedge.

  • Very easy to grow, moderately drought tolerant
  • Height: 6-15 ft 
  • Flowering season: Spring, Summer
  • Berries prized by birds.  Berries are 10-15 millimeters in diameter, turn red, then purple, then black over the summer
  • Makes a great and fire resistant hedge

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