Plant of the Month, February 2020 - Coyote Bush

Coyote Bush

Baccharis pilularis

Coyote Bush also called coyote brush, is one of our California native shrubs that you not only find in California, but also Oregon and Baja California. This shrub is in the asteraceae family, or the daisy family. It's actually in the same plant family as the sunflower (althought it doesn't look like it!). If you pay close attention to the remnants of its flower and seed you might be to see why it belongs in the daisy family. The seeds of this plant are similar to a dandelion seed: fluffy and light. This fluffiness and lightness allow the seeds to be dispersed by air, making this plant one of the easiest native plant to tend and spread. Like other native plants, this native shrub provides optimal bird food through it’s seeds. Lesser Goldfinches are favorites of this plant along with other sparrows such as our White-crowns and California Towhees. Come check out this plant at Debs!

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