Plant of the Month, April 2019: Arroyo Lupine

Arroyo Lupine

Lupinus succulentus

Walk along our Scrub Jay Trail and you'll see fields of spears covered in deep purple flowers.  Hiker, say hello to Arroyo Lupine.  This California native is relatively common and can be found throughout the state, parts of Arizona, and Baja California.  It's known from many types of habitat and has been known to colonize disturbed habitat.  This fleshy annual herb grows up to a meter.  The flower cluster is a series of purple-blue flowers with white or pink patches on their banner, each between 1 - 2 centimeters long.

  • Moderately easy to grow.  Arroyo lupine tolerates a variety of soils but performs best in heavy, moist soil.
  • Flowering season:  Spring, Winter
  • Height:  2-4 ft, 3ft wide
  • Very commonly found in bird gardens, butterfly gardens, and bee gardens

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