Meet the CSUDH College Corps Members!

From Left to Right: Russell Tan, Nathalie Vasquez, and Marcela Marroquin Cruz

The California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) Toro Dreamers Success Center is collaborating with #CaliforniansForAll College Corps program and LA based organizations to provide a service-learning experience for students in the 2022-2023 calendar year. The College Corps members at the Audubon Center at Debs Park will focus on engaging the community in climate resilience through conversation and advocacy, with a focus on the importance of native plants. While onsite, they will staff our Welcome Center and engage  visitors through hands-on activities. Next time you're here on a weekend, stop by the Welcome Center to say hello! Learn more about the College Corps members below:

Russell Tan

Favorite Bird: Shoebill Stork

Favorite Past-Time: Attending live sporting events and concerts

Most Excited About: Working in the outdoors and helping restore/enhance native species + helping educate others in working towards the same thing. 

Born and raised in Northern California, Russell is excited to be a part of the Audubon Center and its mission of environmental enhancement/restoration and community education and involvement. As a child, Russell collected local wildlife out of his fascination with the natural world. Luckily, his mother was not as enthusiastic about having the critters in the house and insisted he release anything he caught back to where he got it. This included frogs, snakes, lizards and insects of all kinds. Russell is currently working on his BS in Biology with an option in ecology and environmental biology at CSU Dominguez Hills. When he is not hiking, golfing or surfing, Russell enjoys going to concerts and live sports events. 

Nathalie Vasquez

Favorite Bird: Nuttall's Woodpecker

Favorite Past-Time: Running around in nature, traveling to all parts of the world, outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, enjoying city views, and spending time with family and friends.

Most Excited About: Learning about nature and bringing this knowledge back to her community. 

Nathalie is from Puebla Mexico and is currently a third year at California State University Dominguez Hills. She is majoring in Labor Studies, and hopes to work towards going to law school. She hopes to travel the world as well as she is a foodie and enjoys trying new things. She also enjoy city views and loves to be surrounded by nature. She is excited to get more knowledge on birds and then orient people on what she learned. She hopes to get her family, friends, and community involved and to introduce them to this environmental movement.

Marcela Marroquin Cruz

Favorite Bird: Spix’s Macaw

Favorite Past-Time: Hiking and watching basketball

Most Excited About: Getting involved with restoration work and gaining hands-on experience, as well as bringing that knowledge and experience back to her community 

Marcela is excited to be involved with the Center because it brings her memories of when she was a kid and she would explore the outdoors. They have a standing tradition of going out into nature, with no signal, no electricity, and camping out once a year. This makes her feel connected with nature. Being outdoors makes her feel like she really connects with nature and plants.

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