Introducing Family Mindfulness Hikes with Alma Family Services!

The Audubon Center at Debs Park has partnered with Alma Family Services to host Family Mindfulness Hikes once a month at our Center.  Drawing on the important connection between spending time outdoors and mental health, thr purpose of these hikes is to bring families together in an outdoor setting to decompress from life's everyday struggles.  These hikes are held in our Butterfly Loop, where Alma Family Services staff place little markers reminding hikers to take deep breathes, count to ten, and other important mindfulness tips for dealing with difficult emotions.  These hikes allow families to come together and have fun on our trails and with each other.

Alma Family Services offers snacks at the beginning of each Family Mindfulness Hike.  While families arrive and get started, we host small little activities such as mini Zumba lessons or stretching sesions.  This gives families a chance to get in a relaxed mood and begin connecting.  During the hike, we take breaks and make sure to move at a pace where everyone can keep up.

Here at the Audubon Center at Debs Park, we are always looking for ways that our community can connect with each other and with the urban wildlife that surrounds them.  We are glad to be partnering with Alma Family Services to provide our community an opportunity to find peace in the outdoors - and check out some birds too!

Make sure to join us for our next Family Mindfulness Hike - we host them on the first Saturday of the month starting at 8:30am.  Our next hike is scheduled for September 6th!

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