Debs Park Birds: Red-shouldered Hawk

Red-shouldered hawks are one of the stunning raptor species that call Debs Park home. As a medium-sized hawk, Red-shouldered hawks are noticeably smaller than their Red-tailed counterparts. They have a small rounded head, slim body, broad wings, and a medium-length tail that fans out when they fly. They are beautifully colored birds with a rust colored chest, dark brown and white checkered wings, and black and white striped tail feathers. Red-shouldered hawks can typically be found soaring through the sky or perched in trees, where they hunt small mammals and reptiles. As you can see in the photo above, this particular Red-shouldered hawk is about to chow down on a lizard! 

Keep your ears and eyes open for the Red-shouldered hawk next time you're in Debs Park! One of the best ways to spot a Red-shouldred hawk is by listening for their distinctive call. Check it out HERE!

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