City Nature Challenge 2024

Black sage (Salvia mellifera) with white flowers blooming.
Black sage (Salvia mellifera) with white flowers blooming. Photo: Samantha Ramirez

The City Nature Challenge is a global competition in which cities from all over the world come together to do community science and log urban biodiversity. Held between April 26th to April 29th for 2024, it was an exciting time to collaborate with one another in the name of collecting data for science.

This year, the Audubon Center at Debs Park participated in the event with Aldama Elementary School's Green Team, resulting in over 100 observations, 50 species observed, and 31 identified among 20 observers! Our hike took us along the Hummingbird Trail and the Scrub Jay Trail, and our inquisitive community scientists both big and small left no stone unturned as they scoured the earth and sky for our wildlife neighbors. Among the observations were Darkling Beetles, Lemonade Berries, Desert Cottontails, and even Coyotes! 

For the curious-minded, you can check our iNaturalist project here.

We would also like to thank the Arroyo Seco Regional Branch Los Angeles Public Library for their Exploring Biodiversity kits. Check to see if your local library carries these kits, as they contain fun tools for observations, such as clip-on glasses for your phone's camera! 

We hope that this has piqued your interest and that you too will consider making observations on your next hike!

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