Bird of the Month, May 2020 - California Thrasher

Photo: Allan Hack/Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

California Thrasher

Toxostoma redivivum

California Thrasher is a medium sized bird with long tail and feet, and a long curved bill. You definitely cannot miss it! They are mainly insectivores are often in the ground sorting through leaves or poking into the ground with it’s beak. Occasionally, you will also see them eating fruit especially from coffeeberry, toyon, and other native plants. During breeding season, you will often find them in pairs and they will likely even remain together for a year taking care of their young and foraging together. California Thrashers are considered to be a flagship species of chaparral are only found in California and Baja California. If you are at Debs Park, you will occasionally see them around the yucca in our parking lot, but often you will have to go scouting for them. When you do catch a glimpse of them however, your hard work pays off. 

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