Bird of the Month, June 2019 - Anna's Hummingbird

Now that our weather is getting a little sunnier and warmer, some of our birds are dressing up and preparing to dance. Yes, that’s right, spring and summer means it’s party time and males will put on a flashy outfit to impress the ladies and get their groove on. Hummingbirds I would argue are the flashiest at our Center with their iridescent feathers, especially our male Anna’s Hummingbird, Calypte Anna. While it is considered the most common hummingbird in our park and most of Los Angeles, it is not over-rated and such a treat to see. Males get bright red/hot pink feathers all over their head that shine with the light of the sun. In order to catch a glimpse of the colors sometimes we have to be patient and wait for the right movement. The crazy keratin micro structure of hummingbird feathers act as prisms that twist, turn, and reflect light, providing these fascinating colors. In the hummingbird world, apparently that is not enough for a female to choose a male, so our male Anna’s hummingbird then choreographs a dance to attract a mate called a display. If the female likes it, then maybe she will have and take care of his young, usually only two at a time.

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