Bird of the Month, December 2019 - Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

Bombycilla cedrorum

December is a time known for holidays and coming together in community for eating and laughter, and it seems like even Cedar Waxwings know that. Cedar Waxwings are known to travel in flocks are highly sociable birds making it rare to only see one Cedar Waxing; where there is one, there are more. Aside from traveling in flocks, these birds are known for their waxy red and yellow tips on their flight feathers, hence their name. These birds are also huge fans of Toyon during this time of year and you will constantly see them around the park feasting on the bright red berries. If one gets lucky, you might even catch them perched on a branch in a line passing a berry back and forth. Majority of their diet is consisted of berries and small fruit, and food availability is so important that their migration can be dependent on food supply. Come check out some binoculars at Debs and see if you catch these birds around!

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