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Hiring has opened for our 2018-2019 AmeriCorps VISTA position!  We are currently looking for a Volunteer & Engagement Coordinator with the following qualifications: 


Coordinate volunteer resources to assist in the delivery of the Center's programs, events and services. This includes directly managing volunteers, and/or providing guidance, support, resources and tools to staff who supervise volunteers.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement goals and objectives for the new volunteer program which reflect the mission of the Audubon Center
  • Assess the need for volunteers to enhance program/service delivery
  • Conduct ongoing evaluation of the programs and services delivered by volunteers and implement improvements as necessary
  • Organize the volunteer program/service
  • Develop, administer, and review policies and procedures which guide the volunteer programs and services, and reflect the overall values of the organization
  • Develop and administer forms and records to document the volunteer activities
  • Identify volunteer assignments that provide meaningful work for volunteers and write the volunteer position descriptions, develop trainings in consultation with staff as appropriate

Engage Volunteers

  • Promote the volunteer program to gain community support of the volunteer program and the Audubon Center
  • Develop and implement effective strategies to recruit the right volunteers with the right skills
  • Develop and implement an intake and interview protocol for potential volunteers to ensure the best match between the skills, qualification, and interests of the volunteers and the needs of the Center
  • Implement a screening process for potential volunteers according to accepted screening standards and practices
  • Train staff to work effectively and cooperatively with volunteers
  • Orient volunteers to increase their understanding of the organization, its guests, its services and the role and responsibilities of volunteers
  • Ensure that volunteers are given appropriate training to be successful in their positions
  • Ensure that volunteer check-in procedures are followed and records of volunteer hours are maintained according to established procedures
  • Ensure that volunteers receive the appropriate level of supervision
  • Assist with conflict resolution among clients, staff and volunteers according to established procedures
  • Establish and implement a process for evaluating the contribution of individual volunteers
  • Plan and implement formal and informal volunteer recognition activities to recognize the contribution of volunteers to the organization
  • Evaluate the risks associated with each volunteer position and take appropriate action to control the risks associated with the program or service
  • Ensure that volunteers work in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulations
  • Evaluate the contribution of each volunteer on an annual basis
  • Prepare an annual report on the contribution of the volunteer program to the organization
  • Administer and monitor expenditures for the volunteer program against the approved budget


  • College certificate in Volunteer Management is an asset
  • Post secondary education in social sciences, human resources, community development, or adult education is an asset


Think you have what it takes? Check out the LA Works Website for more information and an application here or call us at (323) 221-2255!

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