Plant of the Month, October 2019 - Laurel Sumac

Laurel Sumac

Malosma laurina

Laurel sumac is often called the "taco plant" and if you look at the leaves, you can tell why!  It's leaves are long ovals that fold up and into themselves, giving it a pretty distinctive look.  Laurel sumac is a plant that can be found in any scrub community and it's really aromatic - it's the perfume of scrub communities!  

Laurel sumac's a pretty important plant. Because it is really sensitive to dry climates, avocado and citrus farmers have used it as a "sentinel plant" - informing them of land that would be fruitful.  It also provides habitat and food for local birds and butterflies! You can check out laurel sumac along our Children's Woodland!  Keep an eye out for a taco leaf plant with reddish brown berries!

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