Plant of the Month, November 2019 - Southern California Black Walnut

Southern California Black Walnut

Juglans californica

Come check out the Southern California Black Walnuts this month before they go dormant for the winter season. Southern California Black Walnuts have very limited habitat distribution where most of the population resides within Southern California, hence its’ name. Like most California native plants, they go through winter dormancy where they will drop all of their leaves in winter in order to conserve energy. Talking about energy, Southern California Black Walnuts also provide a great energy food source for our local wildlife, but was also a staple food source for the Tongva indigenous community. The black walnuts were consumed for food, but also to make dye and games. It is a common misconception that California doesn’t have seasons, but the Southern California Black Walnut will tell you otherwise. During this month, the trees have a variation of yellow, green, and browns, so come check them out at Debs Park before they are bare for the next couple months.

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