Plant of the Month, July 2019 - Mexican elderberry

Mexican Elderberry

Sambucus mexicana

It is July and one of our native trees is in full berries! The Mexican Elderberry, Sambucus mexicana, is filled with a dark, dusty blue color berries, which is a great food source for the birds at Debs Park such as House Finches, Nuttall’s Woodpecker, and Hooded Oriole. These trees even though have adapted to our Mediterranean Climate, they are found easily in riparian areas or where there is a concentration of water. Like last month’s plant of the month, the Wild Grape, Mexican Elderberry is also deciduous, so during winter time, you will not find these pretty fruit or leaves at all! The berries on this tree are considered edible and in fact are made into jams and jellies, however try them at your own risk. The bark, leaves, and stems of the Elderberry are consider poisonous. Come spot this native tree and its’ bird friends at our park.

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